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Inspired by legendary DJ's, Commish found his niche in providing sounds and experiences that are trendsetting for New York City nightlife and transformational for his fans and clients alike. From his weekly sets at professional after-work mixers and nightclubs to his signature South N The City, New Jack, Hav Plenty Brunch, Time For Recess and Feteccini events, fans and partygoers love him for his musical versatility and energy. Whether he is spinning for a corporate in-store event or perhaps delivering a musical experience for celebrities for a private birthday party or wedding, his clients appreciate his undeniable quality and consistent reliability and professionalism. 


The experience that complements DJ Commish simply feels good. His ability to musically influence the atmosphere with 'two turntables and a microphone' is unparalleled. His sounds have been heard by millions on BET and Music Choice television, various of radio stations including his own 24-hour outlet CommishRadio.com and at any number of corporate, charity or social events all over the world. 

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olive branch at hbcu Springcoming

4.19.19/Hudson Terrace New York, NY


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It all started when...

DJ Commish realized during his quest to spin on terrestrial radio that DJ's were extremely limited with the selection of music on radio. In an effort to give DJ's more creative freedom and give new artists a platform to showcase their music, CommishRadio.com was born. 

This is the 1st 24-hour radio station of it's kind that is totally controlled by DJ's! If features music from the newest and hottest artists as well as mix shows from dope DJ's from all over the world.

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